Renewable energies already account for 60% of Riopele's consumption

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Riopele is continuing to invest in sustainable development. Thanks to this ongoing effort, 60% of the company's energy consumption already comes from renewable sources.

Overall, Riopele's carbon footprint receded 12% in 2022 compared to the previous year, down from 114,965 tCo2e to 101,360 tCo2e. For 2023, further reductions are forecast, this time of between 12% and 15%.

Contributing decisively to this end was the installation of a biomass power plant, with a capacity of 65 t/day, in the first quarter of 2023, and a new solar park, that is now in construction, with a production capacity of approximately 6MW, in the second half of 2023.

This new photovoltaic plant will ensure greater energy independence and more sustainable energy consumption. In total, Riopele now produces 5.7 GWh of renewable energy per year, an important step towards increasing the use of clean energy in its production processes.

Zero carbon by 2027

In 2022, Riopele announced its ambitious commitment to becoming carbon neutral by 2027, through the implementation of a number of measures and projects that will enable all of the company's operations to have zero environmental impact. As part of its roadmap for sustainable development, Riopele involves the entire value chain in achieving environmental progress.

Founded in 1927, Riopele is one of Europe's most emblematic textile companies and a leading name internationally in the design and production of fabrics for fashion and clothing collections. With over 1,000 employees, the company exports around 95% of its production.

The company integrates sustainable practices at all levels of the business, focusing on the production of high-quality fabrics developed from natural, synthetic, artificial and recycled fibres.