Our planet is being protected through every step of our processes, with no part of Riopele left uninvolved.

We strive to create innovative and sustainable fashion fabrics. And we are focused on achieving our environmental goals. This includes increasing the use of recycled raw materials. Designing for circularity. Creating fabrics that last longer and adopting cutting edge technologies for more efficient production processes. Our mission is to accelerate our positive impact on the planet.

Our commitments:

/ Commitment to sustainable business growth.

/ Fostering an environment focused on inclusion, empowerment and respect.

/ Always looking for ways to reduce our water and chemical consumption.

/ Promoting innovative and sustainable raw materials.

/ Achieving higher energy efficiency in our facilities and reducing our energy consumption needs.

/ Reducing the amount of waste we generate and striving to make sure that all that waste is reused, recycled or recovered.

/ Complying with high standards of responsibility aimed at generating positive impacts that benefit all stakeholders.



Striving to make fashion more sustainable and protecting the planet for future generations.

We know there is still much to be done. But we are moving forward. More than ever, we are searching for innovative ways to push the boundaries of textile production and design. Striving to make fashion more sustainable and protecting the planet for future generations.

Our main goals by 2027:

/ Operationally carbon neutral.

/ 20% reduction in the carbon footprint of our value chain.

/ 80% of the products sold have sustainability components.

/ 100% reuse of the textile waste through recycling.

/ 60% of the water used in our production processes will be recovered and reused.

/ 90% of the generation of thermal energy deriving from a carbon neutral source.

/ 100% of the electricity used will come from renewable sources.