At Riopele, we employ over 1000 people. In the last decade, the number of employees has increased 23% and women hold more than 42% of leadership roles.

We are committed to the values identified by the United Nations in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the principles and fundamental rights established by the International Labour Organization, operating on an ethical basis, with integrity and respect for human rights and dignity.

We treat people with respect and dignity, ensuring equal opportunities and treatment for everyone, as for employment access, professional training and promotion and working conditions, regardless of their origin.

We value each individual's continuous development and use business tools that enhance people management, namely through performance assessment, career management, and talent retention.

We promote a work environment free from harassment, discrimination and violence and we implement strict occupational safety, hygiene and health policies.

We prioritize and promote a safety culture to prevent accidents and mitigate risks while implementing training and awareness-raising activities that combine theoretical aspects with a practical, on-the-job application.

We have drawn up an emergency plan to protect all our employees and assets in the case of fire, explosion or any other exceptional or occupational incident. We carry out various emergency drills regularly to train the intervention teams and test the intervention support's operational capacity.