Riopele Policy

Our commitment towards our customers is to provide the products and services that help them promote business development.

To implement this commitment, which involves all the employees, we undertake to comply with the requirements and to abide by the following principles:

  • To understand and meet our customers’ needs and expectations, wherever possible, with a view to building trust and retaining their loyalty;
  • To develop our employees’ individual competencies, promoting teamwork, carrier management, retention of talent and knowledge in the organisation, in order to ensure the appropriate fulfilment of their responsibilities and the achievement of the company’s objectives associated with increase in productivity and efficiency;
  • To consolidate our position in the markets through a selective investment in the areas of R&D, promoting innovation, creativity, the differentiation and functionality of our fabrics, recognising, disseminating and establishing improvement projects with partners, and investing also in the continual improvement of the production processes that may contribute to competitiveness, success and the economic and social sustainability of the company’s activity;
  • To establish closer links with suppliers and partners, with a view to building relations of trust and thus promote the best solution for the customer;
  • To ensure compliance with the legal requirements and regulatory rules, extending this commitment to our suppliers;
  • To improve the working conditions and environment, acting on the prevention of accidents at work and the risks of incidents and occupational diseases;
  • To ensure consultation and participation of employees who perform work or activities under the control of Riopele;
  • To assume social responsibility and to promote environmental protection, including the prevention of pollution, by implementing an adequate management of the significant environmental aspects which helps to minimise the environmental impact on our activities;
  • To promote the continual improvement of our management system, of our organisation, of the people composing it, of the environmental performance, of the safety and health of our employees and of the protection of the facilities.

Pousada de Saramagos, october 2020

José Alexandre Oliveira
Chairman of the Board of Directors