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Look and fabric performance in sync to meet the demands of modern life. Think of an astonishing fabric that maintains the appearance even after wearing it several times. And an easy-care fabric that requires less washing and where iron isn’t necessary. So you don’t spend so much time on tedious tasks.

Considered by many partners as a certificate of quality and a reference in terms of comfort and versatility, Çeramica is a high-quality fabric that is wrinkle-resistant and easy to use.

Its performance as a naturally breathable fabric and its UV protective characteristics offer total comfort and maintain optimal body temperature. In addition, the excellent look, smoothness and fluidity of the material and its environmentally friendly properties enhance the feeling of well-being.

Create your fashion collections going beyond the linear system. With fabrics made from textile waste, there’s no need to use only virgin raw materials. Supported in the latest textile technology, everything you love to create can be done more sustainably than ever before.

Tenowa is an acronym for “Textile No Waste”. It represents the rebirth of textiles, with new fibres, yarns and fabrics produced from the recycling and reuse of waste generated in the conventional process of the textile industry.

Being the perfect combination of our responsible production with recycled fibres, Tenowa has won “COTEC 2018 Innovative Product”, the “iTechStyle Award’18 - Sustainable Product" and the “Best Art Work Award by The Society of Fashion & Textile Industry”.

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Next-generation Çeramica fabrics. Made from recycled materials, including plastic bottles. So you can take advantage of new sustainable features without losing the best Çeramica technology.

By combining recycled polyester with our long expertise in polyester/viscose blends, we created a new fabric that keeps all the benefits of the traditional Çeramica brand. Breathability, UV protection, holding shape and performance long term and easy-to-care are some of its characteristics.

A tracing system from raw material to the final product provides traceable and transparent processes, certified by the international Global Recycled Standard (GRS), ensuring the highest level of integrity in terms of sustainability.

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A new standard of responsibility, from the selection of the raw materials to the design and production processes. The easiest form of taking your brand to the next sustainable level.

Tecnosilk takes full advantage of the TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres and its blending with other fibres like cotton and cupro.

And with our environmentally responsible textile process, Tecnosilk fabrics are still smooth and gentle on the skin, offering endless creative possibilities at the industrial scale.

Staining doesn't have to be a nuisance. Çeramica Clean prevents soiling and water absorption. So the cleaning and the drying of the garment is a lot easier. And that piece of clothes that you love will still look stunning.

Breathable and soft to the touch, Çeramica Clean is a functionalized fabric with easy-clean and eco properties that prevents stains of substances like wine, ketchup, olive oil and coffee.

This innovative brand is the product of a research programme focused on developing smart textile structures and functional materials at the nanoscopic scale.

ViralRepel combines several innovative technologies and benefits that prevent viruses and bacteria from persisting on textiles, reducing up to 99% of viral load. The active ingredient uses a technology that does not release particles to the skin or the environment, presenting an excellent safety profile.

In the current global pandemic, Riopele decided to join efforts with a scientific research centre to work on an innovative multifunctional finishing named ViralRepel, aiming to promote consumer well-being.

This finish is highly resistant, maintaining its efficiency even after multiple domestic washes. So we can bring the benefits of textile progress and innovation to the everyday life of the consumer.

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