We run our business in an ethical, honest and lawful manner.

At Riopele we are strongly committed to running our business in an ethical, honest and lawful manner, acknowledging our suppliers as one of the most prominent stakeholder groups and the supply chain as a key impact area.

So, we seek to ensure that our supply chain is sustainable in the long term, establishing high standards of responsibility with the purpose of generating a positive impact that benefits all the parties involved.

We foster relationships with various suppliers and service providers, regardless of their size or geographic location, encouraging them to adopt the best management practices while respecting human rights, employment law, environmental law and the business practices laid down in our Code of Conduct.

We require our suppliers to operate in compliance with the principles and requirements set out in the aforementioned code of conduct, and to extend it to their own suppliers and subcontracted service providers.

We regularly assess the performance of the supply chain, through internal and internal audits, to determine its level of compliance with specific requirements and promote opportunities for the continuous improvement of the system.

Any breach of the code of conduct will compromise our contractual relationship with the breaching supplier.