Riopele: eyes on the US market

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Riopele is reinforcing its commitment to foreign markets, where it directs 98% of its production. One of the strategic purposes will be the American market. Starting September 24th, the company will present the new AW 22-23 collection at its showroom in New York (214 West 39th Street, Suite 504A).

According to Carlos Costa, Creative Director of Riopele, a diverse collection that addresses five distinct but complementary themes. First, in the Effortless Knit, we look to a constant reinvention and use of knitwear. In the second theme, we rediscovered the British heritage, both rural and urban. Emphasising this duality, the fabrics in this collection play precisely with contrasts: classics such as pied de poule, prince of wales and vichy appear in brownish tones; combining macro and micro patterns; in wool and carded wool, resulting in a look that is simultaneously rustic, grunge and vintage.

With Folk Blankets theme, we favour comfort, evoking an attitude that is sometimes folk, sometimes grunge, but that always guarantees a cool side to comfort. In the Chanel Look theme, we Tweeds and bouclé, with micro-textures, are painted in various shades - there is the classic combination of black with ivory white; variations of this classic accentuated by the soft sweetness of lilac and pink. And more assertive options in shades of plum and purple - in a reflection of a look that is as classic as it is versatile. Conceived as a tribute, this collection distinguishes itself from the original by presenting new fabrics and yarns. Finally, green is the primary colour in the Lana Couture theme, reinforcing and establishing a clear connection to Nature.

According to Tina Guimarães, the focus on the American market will be reinforced. "As the world's largest economy, this is a market of particular interest and with essential customers", which is why Riopele "has been exporting to the American market for over three decades.

For Riopele's American market manager, Tina Guimarães, the opening of a showroom in New York is of particular relevance. "We want to be closer to our customers and potential customers" through communication more focused "on our collections and all the work of our development team".