AICEP recognizes and distinguishes Riopele Investment

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Riopele has just been distinguished with AICEP "Best Investment" award. This award received by the Board Members of Riopele, its Chairman, José Alexandre Oliveira, and Board Director, Bernardino Carneiro, was given on November 8th, in the São Francisco Convent, in Coimbra, on the occasion of the Conference "Exportações & Investimento", promoted by AICEP.

This initiative is responsible for awarding "Portuguese companies whose projects are financed by Portugal2020, and that accomplished the best performance in exports and investment impact in the Portuguese economy". This also includes the "dissemination of success stories in projects deploying and highlighting the best business performances in terms of internationalisation and production innovation".

It is worth remembering that Riopele had an ambitious investment plan in place since 2012, representing an investment of 35 million euros. "We aim to position ourselves to become a leading textile company in Europe. In the last decade, we have invested 35 million euros in cutting-edge technology, based on the drivers of Industry 4.0/ Digitization and Circular Economy / Sustainability", said José Alexandre Oliveira.

According to Riopele Chairman, "this award is dedicated to over our 1,000 employees, a young team, with an average age of 41 years old, and to our main partners, including AICEP, COMPETE and the "Portugal 2020" services, and financial institutions. For us, it is a recognition of our strategic vision and performance in terms of investments made, being a stimulus to continue on this path of investment in innovation, technology and product differentiation."