Photovoltaic solar plant in full operation

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In early 2019, the Riopele photovoltaic solar plant located at the Olifil-Riopele industrial park in the parish of Castelões, in Vila Nova de Famalicão, came into full operation, after an installation and testing phase period of around four months.

Implemented within the scope of the Company´s strategy for environmental responsibility, the project involved an investment of 1 million euros, consisting of the installation of 2940 photovoltaic modules assembled on fixed structures, on premises of approximately 1.5 hectares in size.

Featuring installed power of 1 MW, the photovoltaic solar plant will result in an estimated annual reduction of 14% in this yarn producer´s electricity bill, and a reduction of 689 tons of CO2 emissions per year, amounting to estimated annual savings of around 140,000 euros and the diversification of energy sources.

Underlining Riopele´s commitment to the promotion of sustainable development, the consolidation of this project is also part of the ambitious digital transformation programme for Industry 4.0, aimed at increasing the Company´s competitiveness and growth potential.

Find out more about this project in the promotional video.