Construction of Riopele's biomass power plant moves ahead

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A green light for the implementation of Riopele's biomass power plant in Vila Nova de Famalicão. The objectives involve producing steam as early as the first quarter of 2023 and reducing natural gas consumption by approximately 70%.

This constitutes another important step towards putting Riopele's global sustainability strategy into practice: a biomass power plant with a steam production capacity of 16 t/h, and carbon neutral given its consumption of waste forestry biomass as fuel.

"This is an important project for Riopele, involving investment of over €4 million," reveals José Alexandre Oliveira. According to the Chairman of Riopele, "this plant will produce most of the steam consumed at the company (around 90%)". In addition, "it will allow us to reduce natural gas consumption by approximately 70%".

Focused on meeting environmental challenges, Riopele will continue to invest in alternative energy sources in order to become operationally carbon neutral by 2027 as announced in its roadmap for sustainability.