Riopele's newly renovated premises are a commitment to its technological investment

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The Information Systems Team was relocated back to their original premises after a renovation project had been carried out, which was aimed to equip the space with technological features and resources in order to enhance the company's investment in digital transformation and innovation.

Fluid and visually clean, it is organized in four different work environments: upper management (meeting room and office), a shared office space (for both work and acting as monitoring space), presentation/showcase area and technical area.

Office partitions were used to delineate the workplace environment. This means that though these enclosed spaces are private, they are all interconnected, which ensures visual continuity. Also, it allows direct access to the new Data Centre, the kitchen and the exterior, as well as interior access to the other departments.

Regarding the concept of “industrial” design, the renovation of the spaces was aimed at facilitating multidisciplinary teamwork, permanent technological demonstration, the flow of ideas and openness to other departments, always in accordance with the department's mission and the attainment of technological innovation goals and the continuous improvement of processes.

From a material point of view, simple, rigorous and natural materials were used in the renovation project, such as limestone cladding and painted wood, by seeking a stark contrast between the work areas and the technological aspect, evident in all activities of the Information Systems department.

The versatility of the space and technological innovation are also supported by the placement of two sliding panels, which can be utilised in the various spaces, and constantly display updated information.

The natural lighting of the space has been achieved by the use of several glazed spans oriented to the south; additionally, an external protection screen and internal roller shutters have been fitted. Artificial lighting is achieved with LED tube light fixtures, which emit light over the various areas that are aligned with the existing structural beams.

Particular fabrics have been chosen to upholster the chair and desk environments in individual work areas. Polished steel and black fabrics are used on chairs, whereas a printed panel using Riopele fabric was applied to the desks. Thus, a direct connection is made between the technological work developed in the office and the company's core business.

The new infrastructure also includes a new space for Systems Administration and a Help Desk, as well as a new Data Centre, with approx. 30 m², which ensures the features and technology necessary to support, among others, the entire shop floor digitization project.

In addition to a thorough renovation of all areas, the technical and social aspect is also highlighted. This includes the design of a fully renovated kitchen, equipped with a microwave, fridge and furniture, creating better conditions for the Information Systems and Financial Services staff.