Christmas Party delighted young and old alike

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On the Sunday morning of 18 December, Riopele hosted a big Christmas Party for over one thousand people.

After being welcomed by a group of Little Angels and Mother Christmas, the employees together with their children and other relatives made their way to the Chrismas Avenue, with decorations planned down to the last detail which combined traditional symbols of the festive season with Riopele features.

Here, the youngest ones found several attractions, such as balloons, cartoon characters and, as expected, Father Christmas. Everyone had the chance to take a picture with this world-famous, white-bearded old man in red clothes.

Then, the Industrial Logistics warehouse, transformed into a large entertainment venue, hosted a one-hour show entitled “The Perfect Supper”, by Chapitô, an adaptation of the book “The Synchronized House”, by Inês Pupo and Gonçalo Pratas, which delighted all those present.

The front seats were reserved for the youngest ones, so they could watch the entire performance up close. However, given the large audience, there were also projectors across the room to allow everyone to enjoy the show.

At the end, a round of applause and plenty of smiles created a joyful and lively atmosphere. But two other surprises awaited the children. The first one was a Riopele bag (manufactured by the Sampling Garment’s Unit with Riopele fabric) filled with sweets and a book. The second one were the tasty hot popcorn that came out of a machine placed on Christmas Avenue for everyone to enjoy.

Riopele experienced the thrill of this Christmas event, which delighted all those present, young and old alike.