Christmas Party… A Riopele Moment

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On the morning of December 16th (Sunday), Riopele received more than 1400 people, including company employees, children and family members, for the Christmas Party, in which the show “Frozen - Kingdom of Ice” was presented. As usual, Riopele's Board of Directors also attended this event.

At 10 am the curtains of Riopele’s Christmas Avenue were unveiled, and people were received by Christmas angels, gnomes and other typical Christmas figures. The decoration was also festive, with stars, balloons, balls, bells and snowmen, standing out the house of Santa Claus with the traditional fireplace and the famous mailbox to receive letters from the youngest.

The show “Frozen - Kingdom of Ice” was held in the large Concert Hall for about an hour, inspired by the fairy tale “The Snow Queen”, by Hans Christian Andersen, and presented in Riopele by Wee, World Entertainment Events.

The space at the front of the stage was reserved for children who, with visible joy and enthusiasm, watched the whole show carefully. In the end, smiles of great satisfaction and clapping abounded the room.

Leaving this space, again on Riopele’s Christmas Avenue, there were gifts and a small snack for the children, and it was possible to take photos with Santa Claus and to eat hot popcorn.