Hello Qatar!

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Qatar, the small country situated in the Arabian peninsula, with approximately three million inhabitants, is Riopele's latest destination market. Welcome to the family Qatar.

For a company that exports over 95% of its production, conquering new markets is always critical. In Riopele's case, thirty-six countries make up the company's day-to-day operations on all continents.

"Based on a partnership relationship with the customer and a focus on creating innovative products, our R&D department creates and develops diversified fabric collections for customers from practically all over the world," assures José Alexandre Oliveira, Riopele Chairman. The company currently has more than 750 active customers.

Although the European market is particularly relevant for a company based precisely on the Old Continent, Riopele has strengthened its commitment to foreign markets, particularly those outside the European Union. The opening of an office and showroom in the United States is a recent example of this continued effort. Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Australia, Canada and China are other markets where Riopele has reinforced its presence.