Launch of new edition of The Loom in Paris

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The third edition of The Loom magazine will be launched next week at Première Vision in Paris on July 4th.

In this third edition, The Loom looks at the future of fashion from a global perspective, from the consumer's perspective to the emergence of new technologies and products. The Loom also delves into the world of Lisbon Fashion Week and invites us to discover the work of a new generation of Portuguese designers.

As well as presenting the reality of fashion in Portugal, translated into figures and historical facts, The Loom also invites fashion industry professionals to discover more about the Portuguese reality. This time, the highlight will be a trip to the Azores.

"The Loom aims to be a vehicle for building cultures and identities," explains José Alexandre Oliveira. "Giving the name `The Loom` to a magazine means taking on these heterodox features. It's not just a magazine about Riopele, it's a tool for constructive dialogue between the industry and fashion, consumption and lifestyles", emphasised the company CEO.

In the coming weeks, the magazine will be distributed in 50 countries where Riopele has an effective presence.