Christmas 2019 at Riopele: The Event of the Year!

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Riopele’s Christmas Party was held on the morning of December 15th (Sunday) and was attended by more than 1700 people, including company employees, their children and other family members. There was a program full of various attractions including the show “Aladdin and the Magic Lamp”. As usual, Riopele's administration was also present at this event.

The curtains of Riopele's Christmas Avenue were unveiled at 10:00 am and everyone was greeted by little angels, gnomes and other typical Christmas figures such as the Christmas gingerbread men. Also, the festive decorations showed messages with Christmas values and there was also Santa Claus House.

The interior of the Industrial Logistics warehouse was transformed into a large Concert Hall, where the stage was set for the show “Aladdin and the Magic Lamp”. It lasted for about an hour, which together with magnificent performances from the actors and a lot of interaction with the little kids, filled the room with satisfaction, smiles and applause.

The arrival of Santa Claus was the show’s climax. Hundreds of children felt the Christmas magic all around and eagerly waited for a hug from Santa Claus. All children greeted Santa Claus euphorically and enthusiastically.

At the end of the event, the children also had the opportunity to take photos with Santa Claus. A small snack and hot popcorn were served to all the children, who had fun while assembling a miniature solar aeroplane (a Science4you toy) fully customized by Riopele, under a sustainability theme. This sustainability theme also made it possible for children to make artistic collages with Tenowa fabrics, in a project that had the collaboration of several areas of the company.