Need a Ride?

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Riopele, a leading European fashion textile company, is innovating in employee transportation with a new ride-sharing app. This initiative encourages a more conscious and collaborative approach to commuting, encouraging carpooling and reducing carbon emissions.

The custom-designed app integrates all Riopele vehicles, making it easy to efficiently manage and coordinate available transportation resources.

To encourage carpooling, strategic meeting points have been set up in Braga, Famalicão, Porto, Guimarães, Barcelos, Vila do Conde, and Maia. You can find these locations on the company’s ‘Riopele Digital’ platform.

This way, Riopele promotes the reduction of emissions from employee commutes while offering them economic gains.

‘This initiative is not just a standalone measure, but part of Riopele's ambitious commitment to achieve carbon-neutrality by 2027,’ emphasizes José Teixeira, the company's CEO.

In practical terms, the company is implementing a set of measures and projects that will ensure all its operations have zero environmental impact, thereby aligning with the highest standards of environmental responsibility and sustainability.