Portuguese exports improving

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Portuguese exports in the textile and clothing sectors are improving in 2021.

According to data published by INE (the Portuguese National Statistics Institute), during July, textile and clothing exports have ascended to 553 million euros, an increase of nearly 4% compared to July of 2019. The total cumulative value for the first seven months of the year amounts to 3.191 million euros exported, recording a slight increase, of 0.2%, compared to the same period in 2019.

In terms of main destinations, are highlighted the performances in France and United States, increasing, respectively, 57 million euros (up 14%) and 46 million euros (plus 23%), when comparing the period comprised from January to July of 2021 with that same period for the year of 2019. Spain continues to maintain its downward trajectory, initiated before the pandemic, with a drop of 172 million euros (down 18%).

According to Mário Jorge Machado, ATP's President, the industry's association, there has been "a remarkable change in the type of products exported". Thus, bed, table, toilet or kitchen linens exports increased by 67 million euros (over 24%); sweaters, cardigans, vests, and similar knitted items have risen by 47 million (up 19%). Made-up textile articles, including garment moulds, textile masks and similar articles, climbed by 28 million (more 162%); men's knitted suits, ensembles, jackets, pants, dungarees, bermudas and shorts, increased by 22 million euros (up 45%). Cotton fabrics, weighing 85% or more of cotton, increased by 12 million (up 32%); men's knitted shirts grew by 12 million euros (up 20%); whilst knitted garments for babies grew by 11 million (over 28%).

By contrast, the items that suffered accentuated losses in this period were: women's suits, ensembles, jackets, dresses, skirts, divided skirts, pants, dungarees, bermudas and shorts, made in fabric: less than 62 million euros (minus 32%); suits, ensembles, jackets, pants, dungarees, bermudas and shorts, made of fabric, for women, less 53 million (down 32%); and, knitted t-shirts, undershirts and similar items, which decreased by 27 million euros (less 5%).