Portuguese textiles outperform European competition

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Major global retail chains are decreasing their dependence on China as a production supply hub, following the Covid-19 pandemic. Increasingly more, Portugal appears as a reference player, surpassing other heavy competitors, such as Italy.

According to Modaes.es, a Spanish newspaper, in the top 5 of the production markets, China is, unsurprisingly, in the first place (losing some ground to its competitors), followed by Turkey, Bangladesh and India. Portugal appears in 5th place, standing out from its fellow European competitors.

"Due to the knowledge accrued over generations, ability to develop new products, service and production flexibility, Portugal is a reference partner in the textile and clothing sector", stresses José Alexandre Oliveira. "In addition," – continued Riopele's President – "Portugal benefits from a privileged geographic location, which allows the country to respond with agility to market requests".

Also, according to the same publication, the four largest fashion producers in the world (Inditex, H&M, Fast Retailing and Gap) jointly acquired 18.79% of their production in the Chinese market (over 11.301 factories). A year ago, this percentage rose to 26%. At this stage, Portugal ensures 6.05% of the total acquired by these four reference retailers. The top ten of the largest suppliers of the major global retail players includes Vietnam, Morocco, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Italy.