The strategy for the improvement of working conditions continues

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At the beginning of February, a new phase of refurbishment and modernisation of different work and social spaces of Riopele was completed, which included the creation of common offices for the Spinning B and Twisting areas, the remodelling of the lounge and changing rooms of the logistics centre and the extension of the pantry of the administrative building, this being a significant investment by the company.

As part of the investment project, the new Spinning B and Twisting office areas were designed to allow better monitoring and supervision of these production areas, based on industrial and sustainable architectural design, reflected in the choice of materials and LED lighting.

Regarding the renovation of the new logistics centre, a centralised changing room area was created for the Logistics Dept. employees, reducing the existing demand on the central locker rooms. The lounge was also remodelled, meeting current needs in a contemporary, cosy and inviting spirit.

Furthermore, on the first floor of the administrative building, the extension of the support pantry for the Purchasing, Commercial, Order Management, Planning and Sustainability areas stands out, allowing us to offer better conditions of health, comfort and convenience.

These different refurbishment and modernisation projects are part of the social responsibility and asset enhancement strategy defined by Riopele's Board of Director.