Riopele accelerates digital empowerment of young students

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On 22 September, the Agra Maior Elementary School in Vila Nova de Famalicão hosted a special event where tablets were given to 4th-grade students, in a remarkable collaboration between the Padre Benjamim Salgado School Group and Riopele. This partnership will allow supporting and enhancing digital empowerment for young students.

The CEO of Riopele, José Teixeira, was present at the ceremony, accompanied by Cláudia Queirós, Chief Human Resource Officer, and highlighted the significance of preparing this generation for the technological challenges of the modern world, streamlining the knowledge that will serve them well in the future job market. Riopele has demonstrated its commitment to the community where it operates, investing not only in its employees but also in local education as an agent of societal transformation.

The Education and Economy Councillor, Augusto Lima, commended the joint initiative as an opportunity to enhance the daily curriculum, emphasising that it brought together two vital pillars for regional development.

The Director of the Padre Benjamim Salgado School Group, José Moreira, thanked Riopele for embracing the challenge and actively contributing to enhance the students' educational journey. This remarkable partnership demonstrates the potential of cooperation between the educational and business sectors for the betterment of the community.

This initiative is not only about equipping students with technological resources but also about fostering stronger connections between the local industry and the community, setting the stage for a more prosperous and innovative future for everyone involved.

Riopele has been collaborating with the Padre Benjamim Salgado School Group for several years and involved in reconising and rewarding the school's top-performing students who achieve a place in the Honour Roll through annual awards.