Riopele achieves product certification for linen products

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Riopele has been recognised as a producer of sustainable linen fabric by the European Flax® of the European Confederation of Flax and Hemp (CELC), a non-profit organisation that certifies the origins and supervises all stages of production and processing of European linen.

Certified by European Flax®, sustainable European linen is a natural fibre grown without genetically modified seeds and artificial irrigation. Its cultivation reduces the use of fertilisers and avoids the use of herbicides, contributing to the preservation of the environment. This certification applies to articles containing at least 50% flax in their composition. Traceability is verified by annual audits conducted by Bureau Veritas Certification.

In addition to this certification, Riopele is a company certified by the Organic Content Standard, applicable to textile products containing natural fibres from organic production, by the Global Recycled Standard, for textile products with recycled raw materials. The company is also a member of Better Cotton (BC), the world's largest cotton sustainability programme.

Over the past decade, Riopele has made significant environmental progress, from reducing CO2 emissions by 13% and energy consumption by 16% to recycling water - now at 55%. By 2027, the company also intends to ensure that all electrical energy used in the production process comes from renewable sources.

By incorporating sustainable practices at all company levels, Riopele is Europe's leading designer and producer of fabrics for fashion and clothing collections. It also has an ambitious sustainability target: 80% of products will be sustainably produced by 2025.

For more information on Riopele's commitment to sustainability, please visit: https://www.riopele.pt/commitment