Riopele supports the health system

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In the pursuit of their mission of social responsibility, the companies Riopele, Polopique, Calvelex, Lameirinho and Paulo de Oliveira formed a consortium to produce personal protective equipment, such as gowns, masks and uniforms, for the health professionals of the Portuguese health system. With a shared value of solidarity and taking the national interest at heart, each member of the consortium will also contribute with 100 thousand euros, which amounts to a total of 500 thousand euros.

Working in partnership is not a new experience for this group of companies, which has already been working together for some years now in different projects. However, this time it was the public health crisis that forced the strengthening of the business links, both at the economic and productive levels. By joining forces, the companies hope to provide a joint response to a common problem: the need to fight against the spread of the Coronavirus Covid-19 disease.

As an international reference in the creation and production of fabrics for fashion and clothing collections, Riopele had to make adjustments at the level of product development to comply with the technical specifications, to reorganize lines oriented towards the production of this segment of technical fabrics and to allocate to them, at each moment, the necessary productive and human resources.