Riopele assists clients in sustainable purchasing

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In the era of automation, digitisation, and sustainability, there is a proliferation of fragmented information in the public opinion, which often hinders communication between brands and consumers. With the aim of facilitating informed decision-making, Riopele has created a sustainability matrix that seeks to assist clients in their processes of developing new collections.

This document, which has already been distributed to over 300 clients, contains information about the origin of raw materials, the types of fibers available in the market, associated technical characteristics, environmental impacts, and existing certifications.

According to José Alexandre Oliveira, Riopele seeks to ‘engage clients by providing them with information about materials with better environmental and social credentials, so they can make better choices’.

Drawing on decades of accumulated knowledge and vertically integrating the entire production cycle, Riopele is committed to creating and producing fashion fabrics and offers a specialised clothing production service. 'Establishing a close relationship with clients in a collaborative working approach has allowed us to continue growing in the international market,' admits the company's Chairman.

In fact, the company is committed 'to reducing textile waste and has a vision focused on preserving the planet, so 'it is exploring technological solutions to transform waste into valuable raw materials, converting post-consumption textiles into new high-quality products, and adopting ancient and renewable materials, leading the change in the textile industry towards sustainability.' At the heart of these innovations is Riopele's R&D department, where over 100 professionals drive experimental and creative processes and approaches on a daily basis.

‘We are continuing our efforts so that by 2027, Riopele is operationally carbon-neutral, and we can achieve a 100% textile waste use rate, while aiming for 80% of our products to be aligned with sustainability categories and components,’ emphasized José Alexandre Oliveira. These various initiatives reflect the company's commitment to accelerating progress in the textile industry towards responsible production.