Riopele builds photovoltaic power plant

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As part of its environmental responsibility strategy, at the end of August, Riopele launched the construction of a photovoltaic power plant, exclusively for self-consumption, in the parish of Castelões, Vila Nova de Famalicão, which will allow generating a significant percentage of the electricity required for operating one of its Spinning production units.

The project represents an investment of around one million euros and production is set to start at the end of 2018. A total of 2,940 photovoltaic modules will be installed, mounted on fixed structures, in an area of about 1.5 hectares.

With an installed capacity of 1 MW, the new solar plant will produce around 1,465 MWh per year, representing estimated savings of 14% in this production unit electricity bill, and reducing the emission of 689 tons of CO2 per year.

This new investment project, in the field of energy efficiency and reduction of energy consumption, adds to other projects that have already been developed, among which:

- Continuous modernization of machinery and equipment;
- Installation of an electric vehicle charging station, as well as the gradual replacement of the fleet and auxiliary means by electric vehicles;
- Replacement of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems by new, more efficient HVAC systems;
- Replacement of lighting equipment by LED lighting systems;
- Installation of variable speed drives in electric motors;
- Insulation of steam distribution system pipes.

Strengthening Riopele's potential for growth and competitiveness, these various projects are a clear expression of the company's commitment to promoting sustainable development and the responsible use of natural resources.