The Riopele collection - Autumn/Winter 22-23

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Planning for autumn/winter 2022-2023 is also about choosing the materials - the fabrics - that will accompany the season. And it means doing so, preferably, according to the trends that will set it on the path to modernity.

Divided into five major themes, Riopele's proposals reflect the trends of autumn/winter 2022-23, responding to them and innovating with new chromatic combinations, new designs, new yarns and new constructions.

The fabrics of our Autumn/Winter 22/23 collection are already available on our customer e-commerce platform, through the link www.rd.riopele.pt. Discovering (and choosing) the fabrics that will shape autumn/winter 2022-23 begins below.

Effortless Knit
Knitwear is a classic in constant reinvention and use. In this collection, the knitted look fabrics were designed to adapt to individual pieces and total looks. Thus, establishing a bridge between comfort and a sophisticated urban style, the fabrics in the collection privilege ergonomics, elasticity, an enriched utilitarianism and a casual luxury that happens effortlessly. In terms of details, they are distinguished by the patchwork and irregular effect.

British Heritage

Inheritances are to be rediscovered, and in this collection British heritage is rediscovered, both its more rural and more urban side. Emphasising this duality, the fabrics in this collection play precisely with contrasts: classics such as pied de poule, prince of wales and vichy appear in brownish tones; combining macro and micro patterns; in wool and carded wool, resulting in a look that is simultaneously rustic, grunge and vintage.

In a sub-chapter of the previous theme, the Masculine & Feminine line is distinguished above all by the tones used. The pied de poule, the prince of wales and the vichy remain in the fabrics, but this time in shades of brownish-grey and nautical blue, to evoke the classic combination of shirt and jeans. The combination of two fundamental tones in Fashion does not stop at the traditional precisely the opposite happens: because it is Fashion that we are talking about, this combination sets a new look on the conventional, an evolution of the past aesthetics, an ode to the experience and the technique of always. Therefore, this collection is an invitation to reinvent: to reinvent the classic suit and grandfather's coat in new and modernised silhouettes.

Folky Blankets

The blanket is the easiest piece to use as shelter. And in this collection, it is precisely that easy trend and comfort that the fabrics reflect, but above all rethink. After all, in this line, through design and tones, it evokes an attitude that is sometimes folk, sometimes grunge, but that always guarantees a cool side to comfort. The comfortable and textured flannels with a Scottish and checkered pattern stand out, in some cases, in oversized designs. As far as tones are concerned, they oscillate between bright, saturated colours and an absolutely autumnal palette in natural brown, beige and black. Finally, the main colours are crossed in the fabrics, highlighting the chosen tones in unpredictable but harmonious contrasts.

Chanel Look

Sophistication is the keyword of this collection. After all, it couldn't be any other way, when it is Chanel heritage that the fabrics created pay homage to. Tweeds and bouclé, with micro-textures, are painted in various shades - there is the classic combination of black with ivory white; variations of this classic accentuated by the soft sweetness of lilac and pink. And more assertive options in shades of plum and purple - in a reflection of a look that is as classic as it is versatile. Conceived as a tribute, this collection distinguishes itself from the original by presenting new fabrics and yarns.

Lana Couture

In the Lana Couture theme, green is the primary colour, reinforcing and establishing a clear connection to Nature. In this theme, we also highlight the options with wool applications, in flannels, and for the alternatives with a tartan pattern.