Riopele deepens its commitment to the digital transition

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Riopele continues to strengthen its commitment to the digital transition. The launching of a metaverse collection represents only the latest stage in major investment over time, stretching back over a decade with the release of the Riopele Digital platform. “The objectives involve boosting flexibility, resilience, efficiency and the speed of company response”, explained Rui Oliveira.

According to the Riopele Chief Information Officer, this project “extends along the entirety of the value chain, upstream and downstream of the company and contains a powerfull component of optimising internal processes, ranging from the purely productive through to the financial, human and sales resources”.

In practical terms, “this enables digital communications with more customers at a time when we were confined to the perimeter of the company, and also maintain and strengthen the active commercial and partnership relationships”. In the case “of our leading and most technologically evolved customers, the digital integration of business processes is a reality that has already happened regularly with gains for both parties”.

Rui Oliveira highlights how “Riopele takes due pride in vertically integrating the entire productive process in both physical and digital formats”, and it “would now be unthinkable, in terms of levels of efficiency, the speed of response and diversity in supply without recourse to the technologies and IT systems that integrate all of the processes in this sector, from yarn to fabric and from fabric to clothing”.

“We are proud at having been the first company worldwide to have their ERP SAP extend from yarn to clothing and managing all of the different processes. With Riopele Digital, every company process is covered by technology and we have applied this practice to the concepts of Industry 4.0, digital prototypes, business intelligence, machine learning and artificial intelligence”, the Chief Information Officer highlighted.

In parallel, in sales and marketing terms, “digital is the greatest transformation occurring to business management processes”. To this end, what matters is ensuring the entire process undergoes integration. “Only in this way are we able to serve a far greater diversity in geographies and markets with automated, measurable and far more efficient processes”.