Riopele and the Circular Economy

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Within the scope of the Visão'25 Festival, an initiative by the Municipality of Vila Nova de Famalicão, a conference on Circular Economy was held, in October 2018, in the auditorium of the Cupertino de Miranda Foundation, with the participation of Riopele.

Considered by several partners and other entities as a reference in terms of sustainability and circular economy, digitalization and industry 4.0, Riopele was invited to share his experience and work it has been developing in these areas to serve as inspiration for other companies, highlighting the Nano.Smart and R4Textiles projects. Other investments that have been carried out in terms of water conservation and energy efficiency were also disclosed, namely the construction of the photovoltaic solar plant, at the Riopele-Olifil production unit.

Considering the relevance of the themes highlighted, this presentation was also featured, in November 2018, to an American delegation, from the city of Fort Collins, during a visit to Riopele.

This involvement and participation in these initiatives, besides giving visibility to Riopele as an example of innovation and sustainability, is part of the exercise of the company's social responsibility and, in particular, in promoting the development of the region in which it operates.