Riopele goes around the world

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It is a genuine around the world voyage that Riopele is embarking on as from July. Intending to consolidate the business in external markets, following growth in the region of 40% in 2022, rising to €92.6 million, the Vila Nova de Famalicão company is reinforcing its promotional budget to reach out to new markets with strong future growth potential.

This Riopele promotional campaign kicks off on 4 July at Première Vision in Paris. This is followed by an advance on Milano Unica, in Milan between 11 and 13 July and followed by Munich Fabric Start in this German city between 18 and 20 July. The European tour also takes in Modtissimo, in Oporto, on 13 and 14 September.

The campaign also pops up in the United States, with participation in Première Vision, in New York on 18 and 19 July before strengthening the company profile in the Chinese market through participation in Première Vision, Shenzhen, on 20 and 22 September

Riopele returns to the European front in September with a focus on Munich (13 and 14), and Paris (at Fashion Rendez Vous, taking place on 13 and 14 September before Blossom, Paris, on 13 and 14 December).

“In 2023, which we have all internalised as a year of uncertainty at the international level, Riopele is investing so as not to be left hostage to circumstances”, highlighted José Alexandre Oliveira, Riopele’s Chairman.