Riopele grows by over 40%

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2022 represents a historical year to Riopele with business turnover amounting to 92.6 million euros, and almost entirely either directly or indirect destined for international markets, coupled with a return to net positive results, around 1.2 million euros.

In a financial year that experienced major turbulent at the international level, Riopele grew by over 40%. “The performance throughout the year was fairly asymmetric given that the margins through to and including the third quarter were under substantial pressure before experiencing some recovery in the final quarter of the year when a rise in sale prices came to take a greater effect”, highlighted José Alexandre Oliveira.

According to the company Chairman, in 2022 “it was possible to maintain balance treasury levels, with decisive support made availability by the Government at the economic level, more specifically through the Gas Intensive Industrial Support program alongside the reduction in the network access tariffs”. In addition, “it was possible to remain on the debt reduction path, with a clear objective of deepening competitive advantages, improving productive and organisational efficiency, always bearing in mind the factors that enable qualitative gains and innovation as well as environmental and energy efficiency”.

Founded in 1927, Riopele is one of the longest standing European textile companies and an international benchmark in the design and production of fabrics for fashion collections and clothing. Over the course of the last decade, the company sought to incorporate sustainable practices across every level of its business, investing in the production of high-quality fabrics manufactured from natural, synthetic, artificial and recycled fibres.


In 2022, Riopele announced its ambitious commitment to become operationally carbon neutral by 2027 through the implementation of a set of measures and projects that will enable all company activities to take place with zero environment impact. Already in operation is the new biomass unit that is cutting natural gas consumption by approximately 70%.

One of the particularities of this company stems from the vertical integration of the entire production cycle. The company prioritises the creation and production of fashion fabrics and complementarily, begins to return firm results in the mobility sector, especially following the launch of a new fabric produced from recycled raw materials with their origins in waste products and aggregating cork residues.

2022 also saw the return in strength to the main international fairs in the textile sector. Riopele packed its bags and in just over 60 days dropped in on London, Paris, Milan, Munich and Tokyo. The company presence at the global textile events “already foresees a back-to-business environment” emphasized José Alexandre Oliveira.