Riopele invests in a new logistics hub

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In January 2021, Riopele opened a new logistics hub, following intense renovation works in the company’s first industrial building, a project that aimed to create the conditions for the centralization of all logistical operations of the company.

Occupying an area of 8300 m², these modern logistics infrastructures will have the capacity to store 400 tons of thread and 600.000 meters of fabric, in a space capable of meeting new needs, in terms of storage conditions and of providing a quick and flexible response of operations.

The new logistics hub, located at Riopele 1, represents a 1.5 million euros investment, approximately, ensuring the maintenance of current jobs and the creation of 2 direct jobs. 

As a response to environmental responsibility challenges, was, furthermore, installed a central collector that will collect all rainwater from the roofs, a water recovery estimated at nearly 15000 m³/year.

Find out more about this project in the promotional video.