Riopele invests 35 million to be the most modern factory in Europe

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Riopele's 35 million investment plan is in its final stages, in particular in the areas of digital transition and sustainability. The aim is to transform the company, based in Vila Nova de Famalicão, into the most modern factory in Europe.

"We have positioned ourselves to become the main reference in Europe. We're investing in cutting-edge technology like the automation and efficiency of new equipment, creating a digital platform, monitoring the factory floor, and implementing an artificial vision system in the weaving area. We're also optimising processes and strengthening internal skills," argues José Alexandre Oliveira, Chairman of Riopele.

In the last decade, the number of company employees has increased 23% to 1039 (by the end of 2020). In the technical, research and development, logistics, commercial and sustainability areas, Riopele already employs over 150 employees, around 18% of the company's total (growth of over 20% since 2010). The number of professionals with university degrees has risen to 118 - an increase of 46% since 2010 - representing more than 10% of the staff.

Founded in 1927, Riopele is one of the oldest Portuguese textile companies and an international reference in creating and producing fabrics for fashion and clothing collections for some of the most prestigious international brands. After eight years of growth, Riopele is investing in other complementary business areas such as the automotive industry and strengthening its position in the professional and military segments.