Riopele Magazine "The Loom" to be presented in Paris

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"In the darkness of a tiny mill on the banks of the Pele River in 1927, the beginning of everything was woven into the weft of a loom. On closer inspection, beyond its unstoppable noise, the loom proved to be the unexpected builder of worlds, stories and chimaeras". These represent the words chosen by José Alexandre Oliveira, Chairman of Riopele, to present the magazine The Loom, an initiative by the Vila Nova de Famalicão company that is deploying this innovative approach to convey the reality of the Portuguese sector to an international audience.

“In this perspective, the loom is seen as the primary vehicle for the construction of cultures and identities. Naming a magazine "The Loom" therefore means assuming these heterodox features. It is not just a Riopele magazine, but a tool for a constructive dialogue between industry and fashion, consumption and lifestyles", highlighted José Alexandre Oliveira.

The Loom is being symbolically launched in Paris on 6 July on the occasion of Première Vision. In the following weeks, the magazine will be distributed across the 50 countries where Riopele maintains an effective presence.

In the first edition, beyond a presentation of the reality of fashion in Portugal, conveyed in numbers and historical facts, The Loom invites professionals in the sector to learn more about the Portuguese reality and discover some of the leading Portuguese talents. This also features an extended work on the city of Oporto setting out an invitation for readers not only to encounter the very best spots in Portugal’s second city but also to assist them embark on an unparalleled gastronomic experience.