Riopele’s new collaboration pushes boundaries of sustainable fashion

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Riopele, an international reference in the creation and production of fabrics for fashion and clothing collections, has teamed up with Lenzing and Södra to create textiles made from recycled and sustainably produced materials. The sustainable fabrics will be used in a Spring/Summer 24 collection by Swedish fashion brand Filippa K.

The collection will be the first in the world to feature TENCEL™ x REFIBRA™ lyocell fibres, based on the further developed OnceMore® brand pulp. OnceMore® pulp, which is the world's first process for large-scale recycling of textile waste from blended fabrics, was jointly developed by Lenzing and Södra. The innovative REFIBRA™ technology is then used by Lenzing to produce lyocell fibres in a closed-loop manufacturing process. The fibres are then transformed into fashionable fabrics by Riopele before being used in the Filippa K collection.

Riopele's new textile production standard, which emphasizes greater operational efficiency and sustainability, more flexible and highly digitized production, and management control based on optimized KPIs, played a key role in the partnership with Filippa K, Lenzing, and Södra to create sustainable fabrics.

Bringing together the unique strengths of each company throughout the value chain to create a better, more sustainable product, "this collaboration with Filippa K, Lenzing and Södra marks a major milestone in our ongoing commitment to sustainability and demonstrates how companies from different backgrounds can work together to create a more circular future", said José Alexandre Oliveira, Chairman of Riopele.

This is just the latest effort by the fashion industry to find circular solutions and promote sustainable fashion. More information about the collaboration and the collection will be released in the coming months.