Riopele centralizes production support infrastructure

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Riopele is continuing its expansion plan and has just completed the construction of a technical building, with an investment of approx. 1.2 million euros. According to José Alexandre Oliveira, Riopele's Chairman, the aim is to "bring all its production support infrastructure together".

Specifically, the enterprise consisted of the construction of a new building, according to the highest standards in terms of acoustic, thermal and safety requirements, to modernise the equipment as well as control and automation systems for the operations.

The intervention also included the installation of a new steam network, air compressors, a new heat recovery system and the setup of a new transformer station. Furthermore, the entire water supply system was redesigned, and various water treatment lines were created to supply the different Riopele units.

This project is part of Riopele's management strategy in the areas of rationalisation of operations, space, sustainability and digitalisation / Industry 4.0.