Riopele is part of the BLC3 Lavoisier project

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Riopele is now a member of the Lavoisier project run by the BLC3 technology and innovation centre, which incorporates 24 Portuguese industrial entities to accelerate the climate transition to decarbonisation and reduce pressure on the usage of natural resources based upon Circular Economy models.

For the last two years, based on a package of developed technologies and cooperation, BLC3, located in Oliveira do Hospital, has presented a set of complementary investment projects for the industrialisation of technologies with a total value of over 200 million euros within the scope of the Bioeconomy and the Circular Economy.

Undertaken in collaboration with scientific entities, higher education institutions, business and interface centres, this set of projects is oriented around valuing the biological resources of the agro-forestry sector, uncultivated woods and lands, and valuing wastes and leftovers originating in urban zones.

In addition to generating a substantial socioeconomic and industrial impact on the inland regions of Portugal, there are over 500 researchers and scientists working on industrial and technological developments for the interior capable of contributing towards a more robust and resilient national economy through efficiently valuing its biological, natural and waste resources.