Riopele joins Fashion Revolution Week’s webinar

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Aiming to build a more responsible ecosystem, Riopele took part in a webinar about “Managing Textile Waste”, which brought four companies together to discuss the main challenges that the textile and fashion industry currently faces to become sustainable and circular, during the 8th Fashion Revolution Week, that took place between April 19th and 25th, an online event.

During this free and open webinar, where Sasia, Elementum Store and Vintage for a Cause joined Riopele, themes related to textile waste management were discussed, namely design for durability, recyclability in the design process, zero waste modelling and reuse of pre and post-consumption waste. The webinar was also an opportunity to enable and reinforce the creation of collaborative work/strategic partnerships that promote waste reduction.

Fashion Revolution Week is an annual global campaign that calls for the urgent transformation of the textile and fashion industry into an industry that puts people and the planet before profit. Fashion Revolution, a British non-profit association, devised it, after the 2013 Dhaka garment factory collapse, also known as the Rana Plaza Disaster, in Dhaka, Bangladesh, where approx. 1,100 workers died.

This year, the theme of change in the relations between brands and suppliers was featured in the Fashion Revolution Week. Human rights and respecting the rights of nature were highlighted so that they are properly addressed whenever decisions are made, by bringing awareness and urgent transformation to the textile and fashion industry.