Riopele partners with ModaLisboa to Sponsor Sangue Novo Competition

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Riopele, a leading textile manufacturer committed to sustainability and innovation, is proud to announce its partnership with Associação ModaLisboa as a sponsor for the prestigious Sangue Novo competition. As a renowned platform for showcasing emerging talents in the fashion industry, Sangue Novo has evolved to address the challenges of today's fashion landscape, emphasizing the importance of sustainability and responsible practices.

The aim of Sangue Novo is to nurture, inspire, and support young designers who possess a distinctive and relevant conceptual identity, technical expertise, and visual culture that sets them apart in the market. Riopele recognizes the pivotal role of the new generation of talent in shaping the future of fashion and responding to the pressing climate crisis. Thus, this collaboration with ModaLisboa will allow to identify and empower these young designers who can bring sustainable solutions to the forefront.

Applications for the new edition of Sangue Novo are now open until July 19th, providing aspiring designers with an opportunity to showcase their creativity, innovation, and commitment to sustainability. The competition will maintain its existing structure while introducing new awards, a new panel of judges, and new textile partnerships. As one of the textile partners, Riopele, alongside Calvelex/Fabrics4Fashion and RDD Textiles, will provide selected competitors with sustainable materials to bring their collections to life.

As a sponsor, Riopele is dedicated to supporting the training and development of young fashion designers within the current market context. The final awards of the competition have been thoughtfully designed to enhance their skills in innovative and responsible production processes, brand management, and communication. By providing these necessary tools, the company aims to empower the next generation of designers to build resilient, unique projects capable of making a positive impact on the fashion industry.