Riopele sponsors national fashion designers

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Last September, Riopele fabrics were seen at the catwalk shows of several fashion designers, whose collections were sponsored by our company, such as Nuno Baltazar, David Catalán, Benedita Formosinho, Maria Meira, Carolina Sobral and João Sousa.

Riopele fabrics being featured at these catwalk shows is a result of a constant and determined effort, aimed at closely following the aspirations, challenges and expectations of these fashion designers, supporting their talent and their willingness for enterprise, to innovate and create jobs.

All of this is possible because of the extraordinary dynamics brought out by this close relationship between designers and our company in recent years.

The positive impact of these collections is a remarkable example that arises from a more prolific and closer relationship with our national fashion designers, who, through their persistence and hard work, keep Portuguese fashion alive.