Riopele receives Russian Business Delegation

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On the morning of 5 May 2017, Riopele received a Russian business delegation, composed of entrepreneurs and managers from the textile, retail/distribution and footwear industries. In addition to Riopele, this group, which spent nearly a week in Porto, visited companies such as INDITEX, FARFETCH and CAMPORT.

In an initiative organized by the consulting and training company FFI – Fast Forward Innovation, the Russian delegation was received in the R&D department. After a welcome message, there was a screening of two films – one about Riopele and the other about the company’s Sustainability Policies –, followed by a presentation on VICRI.

Then there was a visit to Riopele’s facilities, which started in the R&D department and continued across the Finishing department, the Colour Laboratory, the Quality Control department and the Industrial Logistics department. At the end of the morning, the delegation returned to the R&D department and, before the coffee break, had the opportunity to visit the Sampling Garment’s Unit.

In addition to sharing information on the Portuguese Textile and Fashion Industry, this visit to Riopele was also a chance for the company’s commercial team to establish a number of contacts that may result in future business opportunities.