Riopele receives visit from Institut Supérieur d'Alsace Textile

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On February 5, 2016, 44 French students from ISTA (Institut Supérieur d'Alsace Textile - Higher Institute of Textile of Alsace) visited Riopele to not only learn about the company's productive and creative process, but also to work on several issues that constitute current challenges for Riopele.

This initiative was developed under the agreement established between the PBS - Porto Business School, ISTA and Riopele. Later this month another visit to our facilities is planned so that the students will be able to finish their work before defending it at the PBS before a multidisciplinary tribunal.

The ISTA group, which, in addition to the presence of the management of the institution, was accompanied by the PBS, was received at the R & D Centre by members of the Riopele Group management team.

Bernardino Carneiro welcomed those present and expressed great satisfaction that Riopele was participating in this project as a case study. In the words of the Director, Riopele's participation in this study program "... is a modest contribution, as part of our social responsibility, for your growth and achievement as students and as future professionals."

Following the Director's welcome, there was a screening of the company's corporate video in order to acquaint those present with Riopele operations. Finally, José Alexandre Oliveira also welcomed the students and wished them a very productive day.

The students were then divided into four groups and thus began the tour of the various areas of the company - Spinning, Weaving, Dyeing, Finishing, Quality Control, Logistics, R & D Centre and the Modelling Centre - which lasted from the morning until mid-afternoon. During this visit, a representative from each area explained the respective process and clarified any questions or doubts that the students had.

At 4pm, the students came back together in the R & D Centre. After a short break for lunch, six groups were set up, in order to commence the team projects that focused on the exploration of the following topics: Sustainability; Research and Development in Textile Industry; Sales - Go beyond Exports - Polish Market; Digital Business; Production Optimization/Planning Tools/Weaving Area Efficiency; Management System Control (Goods Flow Control and Financial Flow Control).

Riopele team members led this activity in the function of tutors. In addition to framing each of the issues that present the main challenges faced by Riopele in the present day, the Riopele personnel launched research questions for each group to work on in the coming weeks in order to contribute to overcoming these challenges. Additionally, each student received a Riopele Press Kit which provides general information about our history and about our operations, as well as other information.

Visibly pleased with the day provided by Riopele, both the students and ITSA staff thanked Riopele for all the support they had been given. PBS representatives acknowledged with great satisfaction the commitment and dedication that had been put in to making this project a reality.

On February 26, the students will return to meet with their Riopele tutors in order to present and finalize the issues that they were assigned. In the preceding weeks they are also able to contact their tutors to clarify any doubts that may arise.