Riopele gathers Agents and presents AW19 collection

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On June 28 and 29, the team of agents that collaborates with Riopele was in our company for the periodic convention of commercial agents that takes place every six months.

On the first day, in addition to the individual and debriefing meetings with Riopele's Administration and the respective market managers and order managers, the agents paid a visit to the production units.

Also on this day, there was an opportunity to announce how Riopele will show the fabrics produced based on the concept of sustainability in the AW19 collection, namely the Tecnosilk, Çeramica Clean and Tenowa fabrics, and fabrics containing recycled polyester fabrics.

Early in the morning on the 29th, as usual, the Italian designer Giovanni Bonotto made a presentation, and in this edition he placed a strong emphasis, in general, on the power of the Internet and, in particular, on the power of social media and digital influencers as trendsetters in fashion and lifestyles.

The AW19 collection was then presented. Standing around the table in the R&D hub, the agents, the commercial team, the R&D team and colleagues from other areas attended a presentation focused on different qualities, compositions and finishings.

Visibly pleased with the new proposals and already with requests for samples, the agents and market managers will start attending fairs and visiting customers later this month.