Riopele’s shared decarbonisation under the spotlight

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Riopele is actively investing in decarbonising its operations, notably through the installation of solar panels across its main complex and a biomass plant that is now operating. The company aims to achieve operational carbon neutrality by 2027. Riopele's experience in decarbonisation has been actively shared on major platforms, with the company's CEO participating in key events.

José Teixeira started by participating as a speaker in the presentation of the Roadmap for Carbon Neutrality in the Textile and Clothing Industry, a project involving CITEVE, ATP, and ANIVEC, aiming to assist textile and apparel industry companies in achieving carbon neutrality goals by 2050.

In the conference organised by EDP and the Porto Commercial Association at Palácio da Bolsa, Riopele's CEO framed the strategic positioning of a company rapidly approaching its 100th anniversary, underscoring its technical expertise in the field of energy transition.

It’s also worth mentioning José Teixeira’s participation in the presentation of the Kaizen Economic Barometer, where he shared his insights on current business issues. This initiative represents approximately 35% of Portugal's GDP.

Lastly, we should highlight his participation in the Knowledge Open Day organised by IAPMEI and the University of Aveiro, focused on ‘Energy Transition - a Critical Factor of Competitiveness in the Industry.’

As it approaches its 100th anniversary, the textile company based in Vila Nova de Famalicão, which has invested 40 million euros in the last decade in digital transition and sustainability, is confidente that its efforts will maximise positive environmental impact, creating a model for other companies in the fashion industry to follow. By implementing a series of measures and projects,the company aims to achieve zero environmental impact across all operations within the next four years.