“Strong capacity to adapt”

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Name: Hugo Castro
Age: 40
Place of birth: Porto

Spain is a strategic market for Riopele. Its geographical proximity is associated with a close partnership with some of the most important brands in the international fashion segment. Hugo Castro, the Spanish market manager, believes that "it is a dynamic, innovative and safe market, with strong brands."

1. Do you still remember your first day at Riopele? What was that day like?

I remember my first day being inspiring and impactful, given Riopele's longevity and history in the textile sector. I also felt a huge responsibility to be part of an important company whose credits are recognised nationally and internationally.

2. How do you think the company has evolved in recent years?

Year after year, Riopele has proved to be a continuously evolving company with a strong capacity to adapt. It has invested in modernising production and in training its staff, keeping up with the high level of marketing requirements. At present, in an unfavourable context of the pandemic that has affected the world economy and businesses in particular, Riopele has managed to overcome all the obstacles it has faced, both economically and socially, and has strengthened its presence in the world's largest markets.

3. How important is the Spanish market for Riopele?

The Spanish market is of great importance, not only because of its proximity, but also because Riopele's goal over the years has been to create effective partnerships with our customers, which allows us to offer innovative products and processes, developments in line with customer needs, where fashion trends are naturally included. The investment in these partnerships has proven to be a great competitive advantage and has resulted in a positive reinforcement of complementarity for both parties. In the fashion segment, Spain has prestigious brands that operate internationally.

4. Traditionally, the Spanish market is essential for Portuguese fashion companies. Why do you think this is the case?

For our industry, it is a dynamic, innovative and safe market, with strong brands that are widely established in international markets. The Spanish market is one of our main trading partners due to its proximity, which I consider to be an essential value for the promotion of trade relations.

5. In Spain, Riopele works with important players in the sector, especially in the retail sector. Is this a mutual learning process?

Yes, without a doubt. The commercial partnerships mentioned above require direct and constant contact with customers. We also get to know and better assess their needs, inspirations, and drawbacks during our frequent visits. This exchange promotes mutual growth and learning.

6. Are professionals in the sector in Spain sensitive to the issue of sustainability?

Sustainability is crucial and is always on the agenda, and the same is true for the Spanish market. Some brands were "born" with the concept of sustainability; others have made this journey and have adapted to the complexity of all the practices. I believe that it is critical for the fashion sector that all its players promote standard sustainability criteria and their implementation on a global scale.