Riopele teams up with major brands to develop new sustainable products

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Riopele is continuing to take significant steps towards ensuring that 80% of its products are sustainably based by 2025. To this end, the company is working with the leading global brands for the development of new products.

In recent weeks, Riopele has teamed up with the Inditex Group and Infinited Fiber Company, supporting the technical development of a new collection for Zara created through an innovative solution that consists of the transformation of cellulose-based materials, such as clothing at the end of its life cycle, into a fabric with a composition identical to cotton.

This new collection was manufactured with 60% of the fibre produced from recycled waste pre- and post-consumption textiles. The majority of this waste came from the brand’s clothing collection program.

According to Inditex, this project “represents an advance in recycling as it unites technology and innovation to create a circular fibre. In using recycled fibres, we cut back the usage of virgin resources and foster the advanced of a more circular economy”.