Riopele updates its Code of Ethics and Conduct

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Riopele has just updated its Code of Ethics and Conduct, taking another step in its commitment to respect the highest standards in labour, human rights and the environment.

Being a joint effort between several departments, the Code of Ethics and Conduct brings together "the main ethical and conduct guidelines for the activity" of Riopele. Thus, formalising the company's actions "in its good governance, in guiding the daily conduct of employees and in the ability to influence the behaviour of third parties, fostering growing relationships of trust".

According to José Alexandre Oliveira, "throughout these more than 90 years of textile activity", Riopele has always worked "with passion, transparency and sustainability". Without forgetting the importance of "People (...) who, directly or indirectly, relate to us", as well as the commitment "with the development of the region where, since always, we are inserted - the municipality of Vila Nova de Famalicão".

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