Riopele values workplace safety

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Aiming to comply with the implementation of its Safety Measures within the scope of fire safety in buildings, Riopele consolidated its efforts in 2023 by conducting 13 drills, four of which were dedicated to general evacuation in strategic locations.

The company has focused its efforts on the continuous training of all stakeholders, on the prevention and mitigation of all types of risks, and on the prompt action of its teams in emergency situations that may arise, in order to minimize potential consequences, both for the company and its surroundings, and to safeguard the safety of its workers.

In 2023, 13 drills were conducted at Riopele, with four fire drills with evacuation standing out, involving 259 people from various departments. In addition to Riopele's intervention teams, the drills involved the participation of the Famalicenses Volunteer Firefighters.

According to Paulo Machado, Director of Riopele's Security Department, the "objectives of the drills were achieved, namely in testing the operability of first intervention means, in interaction with the fire department, in creating behavior routines and improving the performance of teams, and in correcting detected anomalies." Paulo Machado also highlighted "the attitude and commitment demonstrated by all intervention teams and the excellent participation of the Famalicenses Volunteer Firefighters Corporation."

Riopele thus reinforces the importance of a collaborative approach in striving for excellence in safety. "The company's commitment to minimizing risks, protecting its employees, and contributing to the safety of the local community was evidenced in these exercises, demonstrating that continuous preparation is fundamental for effectiveness in emergency situations," concluded.