Three international visits in one week

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On the 20th and 23rd of September 2016, Riopele received three international visits, with delegations visiting from Mexico, Spain and Tunisia.

On the 20th of September, Riopele received a delegation of Mexican manufacturers. Accompanied by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, José Alexandre Oliveira, and the Director, Bernardino Carneiro, the visit began with the institutional preview video of the company.

Following this, the group sat down together to listen to an explanation of the Riopele creative and development process and were given the opportunity to appreciate the different qualities of the fabrics to better understand Riopele's work.

After visiting the R & D space, with a prolonged period in the area of VICRI, the group headed to the Modelling Centre, and as would be expected, they asked numerous questions about the company's business and production processes. Before leaving, the delegation visited the Riopele Fashion Solutions exhibition, and ended their visit with a light meal in the administrative building.

In the early afternoon of September 23, the second group of international visitors was received. This group consisted of three professors from the AEG Ikastetxea - Escuela Superior de Fashion, Tecnología y Comunicación Digital, San Sebastián (northern Spain). The group was received in the Showroom and the visit commenced with the screening of the Riopele corporate video and the distribution on press kits, the professors were then addressed by staff from the R & D Centre, whereby the creative and development process was explained.

Following this, the delegation then visited the Finishing area, starting the tour as per usual in the Jets area. This was followed by the visit to the Colour Laboratory, Automatic Kitchens and the new Stenter Machine.

After a group photo was taken in the Finishing area, the visitors continued on to the Quality Control space, where they were able to observe not only the work performed on the examining machines, but also that of the measuring and cutting machines. Finally, the Spanish delegation passed through the area of Industrial Logistics, thus concluding the visit.

On the afternoon of the same day, a delegation from the Tunisian National Defence, including one Colonel and two Captains, was received by members of the Defence Ministry of Portugal. It is noteworthy that this event also involved the mobilisation of the GNR Landmines and Traps Brigade which inspected the entire route of the visit aided by a police dog.

The visit followed the usual procedure - reception at the R & D centre, a visit to the production facilities commencing in the Jets area with a stop at the Automatic Kitchens and the new Stenter Machine. There was also time for the delegation to take a closer look at some other machines. A group photo was then taken before the delegation proceeded to the Quality Control area. At the end of the visit, José Alexandre Oliveira offered all members of the delegation a small souvenir.

Whilst these visits don't translate into immediate business opportunities, they are an important tool for generating business contacts and establishing future partnerships. It is worth underlining once more how people outside of Riopele are consistently both surprised and impressed with our size, our workmanship and, above all, with our fabrics.