"We want to be closer to American customers"

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Name - Tina Guimarães
Age - 49
Place of birth – Vila Nova de Famalicão

It is one of Riopele's strategic markets. The approach to the American market began three decades ago, but this investment is to be strengthened. With the opening of a showroom in New York, very close to Times Square, Riopele "wants to be closer to its customers". Tina Guimarães, who is responsible for the market, analyses this decision.

1. Do you still remember your first day at Riopele? How was that day?

I remember it as if it were today. The size of the company, the history and the global presence that Riopele already had at the time made a significant impression on me. I felt and still feel very proud to be part of the company's staff.

2. According to your perspective, how has the company evolved over the last few years?

Riopele has evolved in terms of technology and product and in terms of people and their values. It is a modern and dynamic company, very different from the traditional image associated with textile companies.

3. How important is the American market for Riopele?

As the world's largest economy, this is a market of particular interest and with very important customers. Riopele has been exporting to the American market for over three decades. In the initial phase, the focus was on large-scale production, but over the last decade, we have evolved into a high-level market segment, which allows us to present more inspiring and differentiating proposals.

4. Are there differences between East and West Coast customers?

There are clear differences in the lifestyle itself, which are reflected, particularly in the way of dressing. Customers on the East Coast favour a more relaxed and casual style, while there is a more formal and sophisticated style on the West Coast.

5. How important is it for Riopele to have an office in New York?

The main reason was that we wanted to be closer to our customers and potential customers in the American market. With the opening of our office and showroom, it is possible to fully communicate the message of our collections and all the work of our development team. We have a space where the customer feels as if they were in Riopele, despite the distance, and can find our entire offer without the need for intermediaries (agencies), which in this respect cannot compete with our service.

6. From a product point of view, what differentiates Riopele?

I want to highlight the constant offer of innovation and differentiating products. Also, the focus on the elements of quality, durability and sustainability, combined with an excellent service that our American customers much appreciate.

7. What other added value does the company have to offer its customers?

In addition to our location in Europe, I would highlight our vertical production system, technological manufacturing capacity, and respect for European environmental and social legislation.

8. Is sustainability a fashion or here to stay?

Sustainability is here to stay, and at Riopele our ambition is to make fashion more sustainable. However, it is also necessary that the entire value chain takes a new path, as no company should be excluded from the duty to act responsibly.