“Working with Riopele is synonymous with prestige”

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Riopele has made significant investments in the production area. One of the areas of greatest intervention is weaving. José Rosas, head of the department, says that "all investments have allowed greater flexibility and productivity, greater technological control using digitalisation factors". He adds that "the entire digital component, whether that associated with the management area at all levels, or the operation itself, helps retain talent and makes our processes more appealing to new generations". "Working with Riopele is a sign of prestige, both for clients and suppliers", he concluded.

Riopele has made very significant investments in the industrial process, with the aim of becoming a benchmark at the international level. What were the most significant investments made?

Riopele has made significant investments to become a major industrial reference in Europe. In terms of weaving, which is my area of expertise, we have recently invested in cutting-edge technology in two areas: production and digital. On the production level, we have proceeded with the acquisition of a Karl Mayer sizing machine, Picanol, Dornier and Smit looms, Staubli Safir S80 automatic drawing-in machines and a Karl Mayer warpers, considered the best warping machines in the world.

What is the impact of these investments on the company's ability to respond to market demands?

All these investments allowed greater flexibility and productivity, greater technological control with the use of digitalisation factors, as well as greater rationalisation of production, responding to the reality of the market, that is, fast delivery to the client and quality.

What about the digital area?

In the digital area, we have progressed with the implementation of digital monitoring of the entire weaving mill machinery, we have carried out a control of defects with digital recording, and we have an ongoing pilot project for artificial vision with artificial intelligence algorithms in our looms.

Can we now say that Riopele is a major reference on a European scale?

Riopele is and always has been a European and worldwide reference. The name and the brand have a very high market value, as we perceive time and again. Working with Riopele is always synonymous with prestige and is often used as a "business card" by clients and suppliers alike. Also in terms of human and professional value, saying that you work or have worked for our company implies inherent personal prestige.

What new investments are being considered so that Riopele remains at the forefront of technology?

Investments at the energy level are the priorities at the moment, however, we remain permanently focused on digitalisation and on the technological innovation that the machine manufacturers are presenting to us and also on those that we challenge them to present. With such a diverse range of articles and with the simultaneity with which we have to produce them, we have to be permanently searching for technology that responds to the new challenges.

To what extent do these investments in cutting-edge technology allow Riopele to attract and retain a new generation of talent to the company?

The entire digital component, whether associated with the management area at all levels, or with operations, helps to retain talent and makes our processes more appealing to new generations.

Are these investments in line with Riopele's growing concern with environmental issues?

Yes, for example, in all investments the energy component is considered and taken into account. We also have a permanent concern and action in terms of reusing auxiliary production tools and packaging. In terms of auxiliary equipment for transport and warp assembly, we only use electric equipment. At the same time, we are participating in some projects in conjunction with other areas of the company to reduce waste and eliminate operations that do not add value.

Riopele is part of several joint R&D projects in the field of sustainability. What is the importance of networking and working with several external partners?

Sustainability is not an easy task, but it is one of Riopele's main objectives. For example, from an early stage, we have been concerned with minimising water consumption and its reuse. I would also highlight the investment in developing recycled products. All of this has involved a huge challenge and joint work between sectors to permanently offer an innovative, appealing and sustainable product.